Zoey Bates
Real name Zoey Anne Bates
Ring Names Zoey Bates
Height 5 ft 5 in
Weight 124 lb
Date of birth February 12, 1987
Place of birth Jacksonville, Florida
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Billed from Jacksonville, Florida
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Zoey Anne Bates is a professional wrestler, best known for her work in WWE For Extreme (WWEFE) on its RAW and SmackDown brands as Zoey Bates.

Growing up in Jacksonville Florida, she was the popular girl in school. As captain of the Cheerleading Squad, and Prom Queen. Zoey was the Queen of Jacksonville. But she had a secret love for wrestling, that not even her cold heart would want to back away from. Zoey would go to the University of Miami, where she would study buissiness, so that she could make it into the Wrestling buissiness as someting other than a wrestler.

Professional Wrestling CareerEdit

WWE For Extreme (WWEFE)Edit

Monday Night RAWEdit

Zoey got her break, as long time RAW General Manager, Alex Rothschild was released from the WWE. It was announced that predecesors would be announced, and they were as Vince McMahon would take Devin Jacobs, who as the Co-General Manager of the ECW brand, allong with Stone Cold Steve Austin and move Devin over to RAW, while he gave Stone Cold an Assistant named Tiffany. Devin wasn't the only one named though, as Vince brought in Miss Bates to help keep things in line. Which for a while did. After a couple of months, Vince would announce the re-opening of SmackDown! and wanted Zoey Bates to be placed in charge. Zoey would unhappily agree. Liking where she was, but also wanted to break away from Devin, and his RAW brand.

Friday Night SmackDown!Edit

Zoey was put on Smackdown, along with her own assistant Leo Connor. Zoey would go on to rise Smackdown from the ashes, and bring a new class, with it's new Six-sided ring. On the May 30, 2008 edition of SmackDown! Zoey would get angry at X-Divison Champion, Chris Starr for losing a King of the Ring match to Raw's Eve Torres. Zoey would then announce the return of Ultimate X at Extreme Rules. Chris would be forced to defend the title against Jerry Static and Amazing Red. After Extreme Rules, Zoey would call Chris to the ring, and threaten to fire him. But after a interuption from both Jerry Static, and Amazing Red. Zoey would end up booking Chris Starr in a Handicap match against High Flying Havoc.

In wrestlingEdit

  • Finishing moves
    • None
  • Signature moves
    • None
  • Theme Music
    • "Paparazzi" Lady Gaga

Championships and accomplishments Edit

  • Achievements
    • Co-General Manager of Monday Night RAW
    • General Manager of Friday Night SmackDown!