WWE Unified Tag Team Championship
Unified Tag Team Championsh
One of the two Unifed Tag Team Championship belts
Promotion WWE for Extreme
Date introduced January 27, 2008

The WWE Unified Tag Team Championship is a professional wrestling world tag team championship used by the professional wrestling promotion WWE for Extreme (WWEFE). It is the direct successor to the promotion's former tag team titles: the World Tag Team Championship and the ECW Tag Team Championship. The championship is generally contested in professional wrestling matches, in which participants execute scripted finishes rather than contend in direct competition. The current, consolidated Unified Tag Team Championship holds the combined lineage of WWE's original World Tag Team Championship which dates back to 1971, the WWE Tag Team Championship that was established in 2002, the ECW Tag Team Championship that was established in 1992, and the TNA Tag Team Championship that was established in 2007.


In early 2008, World Tag Team Champions The Kutter Regime (Kris Kutter and Hillbilly Jim) feuded with the ECW Tag Team Champions The Dark Breed (Genesis and Blaze). On the December 31 episode of RAW, Blaze challenged the Kutter Regime to defend the titles in a unification match (at the time, Blaze was holding the ECW Tag Team Championships with Jesse James). The Kutter Regime defeated The Dark Breed at the 2008 Royal Rumble, and thus unified the titles into the Unified Tag Team Championshp.

The two vacant title under WWEFE's control, the WWE Tag Team Championship and TNA Tag Team Championship, were unified into the new belts as well. A physical rep1acement for the old championships was revea rands. Because of this, the champions can appear on RAW, SmackDown! or ECW.


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The current champions are Andy Brookes and Allison Hoffman. Andy is in his second reign and Allison in her first.