Real name Stefanya Patti Larkisha Octavia Richards
Ring Names Stefanya
Height 5'5"
Weight 112 lbs
Date of birth October 31, 1987
Place of birth East Compton, California
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Billed from East Compton, California
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Debut August 2007
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Stefanya Patti Larkisha Octavia Richards (Born October 31, 1987) is a retired American professional wrestler. Best known for her time in WWE For Extreme under the name Stefanya.

Professional wrestling careerEdit

WWE For ExtremeEdit

Monday Night RAW!Edit

Stefanya debuted in WWE For Extreme alongside Natasha Jones, as the Disghusting Divas. Togethor, the two would have but only one match, at Unforgiven. The two would face off against The Beautiful People, Velvet Sky, and Angelina Love for the Women's Championship.The two would lose the match to The Beautiful People. They would then make little to no apperances till Cyber Sunday, which the two would host.

Thursday Night SmackDown! Edit

Stefanya returned in September 2015, this time wrestling for the SmackDown brand. She made her SmackDown debut as a heel by attacking Tara Markov after her match. The following week, Stefanya defeated Maria Kanellis in a singles match. Tara Markov attacked Stefanya after the match, hitting her with the Seismic Cutter. Tara and Stefanya then faced off in a match the following week, which saw Tara emerge victorious. Stefanya would get revenge on Tara by pinning her in a tag team match two weeks later.

Personal lifeEdit

Stefanya grew up in...

In wrestlingEdit

  • Finishers
    • Runway Stomp (Extreme Curb Stomp)
    • Bob n' Weave (Wrap hand around neck putting opponent's arm over head, jumping driving her knees into back of opponent's head)
    • Compton Callin' (Gory Neckbreaker)
  • Signature Moves
    • Dropkick
    • Crucifix Pin
    • Punching Combo
    • Hurricanrana
    • Grapevine Figure Four
    • Spear
    • Brazillian Heel Hook
    • Hairpull Snapmare
    • Monkey Flip with punches
    • Rear Naked Choke
    • Bicycle Kick
    • Tornado DDT
    • Shining Wizard
    • Reverse DDT
    • Armbar
    • Snap Suplex
    • Snap DDT
  • Managers
  • Theme music
    • "London Bridge" Fergie
    • "Don't You Want My Love" Nicole McCloud

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

  • WWE For Extreme
    • Co-Host of 2007 Cyber Sunday