Michelle Hullender
Real name Michelle Elizabeth Hullender
Ring Names Michelle Hullender
Height 5 ft 7 in
Weight 115 lb
Date of birth February 8, 1982
Place of birth California
Date of death
Place of death
Resides California
Billed from Arizona
Trainer Daizee Haze
C.M. Punk
Terry Funk
OVW Staff
FCW Staff
Refugee Matt
Eve Torres
WWE For Extreme
Win/Loss Record NXT; 14-0
WWE; 15-0-2
Debut August 26, 2007
Retired {{{retired}}}

Michelle Elizabeth Hullender (born February 8th 1982) is an American Professional Wrestler signed to WWE for Extreme she comepetes on both brands as one half of the current Unified Tag Team Champions.

She was formerly signed to WWE's developmental Territory Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) where she is a one time Divas Champion. She won Season Three of the WWE NXT compeition.

Professional Wrestling CareerEdit

Early Career (1996 - 2001)Edit

Michelle began training for the buisness at the age of fourteen. She trained at The School of Hard Knocks in San Bernadino, California. she trianed in the summers while she went to school in San Franscisco. Due to the limited time she had too train it took her five years to finally make any sort of a debut on the wrestling scene. She made her debut for the Chicago based Shimmer Women Athletes. It was there her and her friend Tanya Hampton got their first real break in pro wrestling.

Shimmer Womens Athletes (2001 - 2003)Edit

Michelle debuted in Shimmer alongside her friends Tanya Hampton. The two broke into the tag team division almost immediately. But they struggled as their first match was a loss to them Shimmer Tag Team Champions Ashley Lane and Madison Rayne. But that didn't discourage them as then they would move onto face The Canadian Ninjas, Nicole Matthews and Portia Perez. In what would be considered a huge upset Tanya and Michelle defeated The Ninjas. Michelle and Tanya wanted a shot at the Tag Team Champions. But the champions said it would only happen if they were able to defeat them in a non title tag team match. Michelle and Tanya accepted and took the match up. But they fell short and once again lost to the champs.

This lost all hope of Michelle and Tanya going for the titles at least for the moment. Michelle and Tanya would show how serious they were when they began to work their way back towards the top of the mountain. their wins consisted of victories against Rachel Summerlyn & Jessica James, Cheerleader Melissa & Mschif, Mschif who just happened to be the current Shimmer Champion. and the final victory over Daizee Haize & Tomoka Nakagawa. But before the tag title match could finally take place they had one more test the current champions, The Canadia Ninjas in a non title match.

The Ninjas had won the titles not that long ago and now they were faced with the challenge of Michelle and Tanya. A team who had beat them once and made it two in a row as they defeated the then champions in a non title match earning a tag team title shot. But in that match Michelle was injured and was given the option to drop out of the title match but decided that it would be better to go for it anyway. The two would go onto win the match as well as pick up the Tag Team Championships. The win and the effort as valiant as it seemed would cost them in their first defense where they would lose the tag team titles. The injury would force Michelle to take time off in september of that year. Michelle would return in December fully healed and ready to go. The two ladies would decide to break off singly for a few months because they had already achieved tag team success. Albeit the success was only being champion for a month.

Michelle would almost right out of the gate get in a fued with then Shimmer Champion Mschif. It would start with a backstage attack on Michelle her first night back. Mschif would target the previous injury in an attempt to put Michelle back on the shelf. Even being singles wrestlers Tanya would still help her friend and scare Mschif off. Michelle would have her first singles match of the night against Shimmer mainstay Awesome Kong. She defeated Awesome Kong in a David Vs. Goliath showdown thorugh the previous attack proving that she was indeed a threat. Over the next six months she would pick up big victories over Mercedez Martinez, Serena Deeb, Nikki Roxx, Alison Danger. She would also get her biggest win when she faced the Shimmer Women's Champion Mschif and beat her in a non title match earning a little bit of revenge for the attack late the previous year in December. This win would lead to a rivalry between Mschif and Michelle that would span almost six bloody months. With Michelle even attempting to take the Shimmer Championship on two seperate occasions. She however would fail both times. The rivalry would become so personal that Mschif's old tag team partner Cheerleader Melissa would get involved with the rivalry and this would bring Tanya and Mcihelle back together as a tag team. In december of 2003 the two teams would face off in a match where Mschif vowed to end the two women and even went so far as to put her Shimmer Championship on the line in the match. Michelle would get the pin in this match and thus pick up the Shimmer Championship giving her a taste of singles gold. Michelle would defend the championship successfully until she left the company for the first time on July 17th 2003.

Women's Superstars Uncensored (2001 - 2004)Edit

On December 19th 2001 Michelle was offered a deal in WSU. She was hesitiant about accepting the deal but they gave her the leeway to compete for both companies. So that sweetened the deal for Michelle and she would compete for both companies. During her first match in the company she would pick up a victory over Jillian Hall. Michelle then would pick up the fastest victory of her career with a five second victory over Aprli Hunter. Her first loss would come to former WWE Women's champion Jazz. But in her next match she would face and defeat Jazz. Tanya also joined the promotion with her at a later date and the two had a small tag team stint. Their first tag team victory would be over the Killer Babes (April Hunter & Nikki Roxx). Two would go for the tag titles once but would lose to the current champs of Amy Lee and Taylor Wilde. The two wouldn't appear as a team and Michelle wouldn't appear in the promotion very often as she was more in Shimmer.

National Wrestling Alliance (2004 - 2005)Edit

Michelle made her debut in the National Wrestling Aliiance in the Midwest Territory where she would compete in an open invitational for the Midwest Women's Championship. The battle royal came down to her and Mickie Knuckles. She was able to eliminate Mickie and pick up the Midwest Championship in her debut for the promotion. She would be entangled in a small rivalry with Mickie over the next few months with the promotion that would lead to battles that would get her put her on the map. They would help define her heart and passion for the buisness as many times Mickie took her to the limit and many times beat her but Michelle was able to come out by a narrow margin when in the rivalry ender she was able to defeat Mickie and remain champion. Three short months later she would fall short to Mercades Martinez in a classic match that would get her a call from the WWE. She was sent to OVW too train for WWE. She would not wrestle on actual OVW cards as at the sametime she had to finish conractual obligations to Shimmer who she signed with again in late 2005.

Simmer Women's Athletes (2005 - 2007)Edit

Michelle made her return for Shimmer with a loss too Madison Rayne. She would follow the loss with a singles victory over Madison.

WWE for Extreme (2007 - Present)Edit

Monday Night RAWEdit

Michelle signed with World Wrestling Entertainment on August 26, 2007. On September 3, 2007 Michelle Hullender made her on screen debut, on the Monday Night RAW brand, when she defeated Jennipher Lawler via Pinfall. The next week, on the September 10, 2007 where she competed against Stefanya. The match would come to a DRAW. The next week Michelle would face off against Melina Perez, with this one being ruled a No Contest. Michelle was then sent down to WWE's developemental facility FCW, to train with the staff.

Florida Championship WrestlingEdit

Michelle would be put right into the thick of it. As upon joining the FCW Roster she would be first put one on one against A.J. Lee. She would defeat A.J. and then her career in FCW would take another step up as she would defeat then Divas champion Aksana in a non title match up. She was offered a title match right after the victory but turned it down stating she hadn't earned her place just yet. This brought her alot of heat because most wrestlers wouldn't turn down a championship oppurtunity. Michelle in an interview responded by saying, Ouote; "I'm Not Most Wrestlers" End Quote. The next week Michelle would be thrown into the Queen of FCW tournament. She would to many peoples suprise win the tournament by defeating once again A.J. Lee, Naomi Knight and Maxine too win the Queen of FCW Tournament making her the holder of the crown one time and her only time. E
Michelle 2

Michelle at an FCW Event.

ventually the heat of the critics talking about Michelle not being a "Worthy Competitor" caught up too her and she accepted her match for the FCW Divas Championship. Aksana then champion took the challenge as a joke. she wanted nothing too do with Michelle as she showed in their first defense against Michelle when she got herself intentionally disqualified. Michelle was granted a reamatch just a few short weeks later in which Aksana would this time get herself counted out.

Michelle got a small hamstring pull in this match and as a result wasn't able to wrestle for the next month or so in which time she would temporarily work as an announcer while her leg healed. Once her leg was healed she was granted one last shot for the title against Aksana and in this match Michelle would win and in the process pick up her first WWE gold with the company. She was familiar to gold but this victory and this title proved that she is one step closer too her goal in being in the wwe. But she would be brought back to earth real quick when every diva quickly began to focus on Michelle as everyone normally would focus on a champion. Michelle would be put right back in the ring with Aksana and Michelle would turn back the challenge of Aksana in her rematch. Aksana wasn't happy with that result and goaded Michelle into not one but two more rematches based off the face that she did the same for Michelle. And Michelle would turn away Aksana in all three challenges.

Michelle made a teaser appearence hinting she would be back in the WWE soon in a backstage segment with Drew Mcintyre. She told Drew she was in FCW and had to earn her way back throguh the ranks in WWE. And she was on a phone call thanking someone for an oppurtunity presumably Vince McMahon offering her a spot in NXT,

NXT Season ThreeEdit

After being banished to Florida championship Wrestling by Vince McMahon. Michelle worked her way back up through the ranks. And she was able to land herself a spot on NXT Season 3 as the Rookie Diva to Refugee Matt. The first week of the contest being the week of July 31st 2008 we would see the team of Refugee Matt & Michelle Hullender booked to face the team of Jamie Downs & Andy. Jamie Downs was in fact the rookie of one Reaper and Andy is his lackey. But before that match Michelle would be put too the test as she had to compete in the arm wrestling first challenge an obstacle course. She did very well but not good enough as she would lose the competition coming in second to Ella Mae Powers with a time of eleven seconds. The two would have a meeting in the back in which Jamie would refer to Matt as grandpa and too Matt as overrated. An insult Matt had already heard combined with the "Grandpa" remark although Matt was twenty eight. Words would be exchanged but the real talking would be done in the ring and Matt and Michelle proved just how good Jamie and Andy were when the duo defeated Jamie and Andy when Matt pinned Andy. The following week on NXT Michelle would keep the ball rolling trying to show the WWE Universe who she was. She showed a promo where Matt recorded her adressing the WWE Universe telling them what she was about and why she was better then the other divas in the contest. She would back that up later in the evening by defeating Nightelf by pinfall. Although she could get it done in the ring up until this point she didn't show the fans much in other areas as she came in forth in the wheel barrow race at 10.9 seconds and the promote yourself challenge both in that week.

The next week was gut check time as is was August 19th 2008 the release of the first Pro's Poll and time for one of the girls to go home. After defeating Alesha in their match at the end of the night it was revealed that Alesha was actually the diva that was too be eliminated. Michelle would continue on in the competition and would fall in the arm wrestling challenge but would once again prove her worth in the ring. She would once again pick up a win but this time it would be her first over the mammoth Ella Mae Powers. Michelle would continue this next week and once again defeat Ella by pinfall. This week a returning Jerry Static would "Grace" NXT with his presence. He would issue an open challenge to any rookie or pro. Michelle had a match to prepare for that week but she didn't care. She was interested in making an impact next week also. So she came too the ring and accepted the challenge of Jerry Static. And then the following week on NXT Michelle would go onto defeat Jerry in his return match to the WWE:FE. the rookies were put on notice as they would find out that week that another pro's poll would be released.Chelsea Taylor

The second poll was released and once again Michelle would be ranked first and Nightelf would be the one eliminated. Michelle's roll would continue in a huge way when she defeated the woman who seemed to be "Interested" in her Jenny Tuck after Matt instructed Michelle to tombstone her repeatedly. This had been a result to some growing tension between Matt and Michelle in which Michelle was aggitated at Matt. She felt he was wrong in the fact that instead of watching her match to help coach her against Ella Mae Powers he instead was talking to his wife, Dominique Powers. Jenny got involved in this also and Matt eliminated her from the equation and Michelle's life with the tombstones. Michelle had a rough week after that and had to once again face the mammoth Ella Mae Powers. but in the attempt to cement herself she took a page out of the legendary Eddie Guerrero's book and won the match by disqualification with his legendary steel chair sho

Michelle during the Talk the Talk Challenge

t fake. The match result may have not bee nthe most favorable but that week Michelle Hullender would win the talk the talk challenge and get to Interview anyone she choose. And she choose the former Intercontinental and Womens Champion, Eve Torres. Michelle Hullender got her interview the following week but not before having to team up with her pro Refugee Matt to once again face the team of Andy and Jamie Downs. This time things would be different though as this time Michelle would pin Jamie Downs as opposed to Matt pinning andy the first time around. Things would get very interesting the following week as Michelle would defeat Chelsea Taylor in a match but she would also come in contact with the Head of Diva talent Ashley Massaro the woman that set the bar for all in the WWE:FE. Ashley asked Michelle if she would accept a test from Ashley to prove she really wanted to be a wrestler. Michelle accepted this challenge and it would be The Beautiful People's, Madison Rayne that Ashley had in mind. Madison would come out and precede to slap Michelle a few times which led to a brawl. Michelle looked strong for most of it but a cheap shot at the end would cause Madison to get the advantage and put Michelle away.

The third poll was released on October 7th 2008. Michelle would yet again for the third straight week be ranked first. But this week Jenny Tuck, Stephanie McMahon's rookie would be eliminated third. Which permanently severed ties between the two girls as if the tombstones hadn't already done that. Michelle would also further her undefeated streak to 10-0 this week, as she would defeat Imogen Lee the final rookie in the compeition she had yet to pin. The next week Michelle was schedueled to team with Jamie Downs to face Ella Mae Powers and Chelsea Taylor in a tag team match. Michelle would get the victory in this match by submission via a guillotine choke her first submision victory ever. In the weeks before Ashley had Madison and Michelle fight and Madison won so Michelle wanted here in the ring. She would go onto defeat Madison Rayne by count out when she left the ring and the match.

After this we

Michelle Hullender, and her pro Refugee Matt

ek the fourth poll would be released which would see the elimination of first Imogen Lee. This week Michelle would also be in action against Chelsea Taylor; former womens champion Trishelle Jordan's rookie once more. Michelle went onto defeat Chelsea once again and at the end of the episode Jamie Downs would be the next rookie eliminated wiht Michelle still at the top of the polls.

The final poll and the final week of NXT would be looming now and Michelle would be moving onto face the last remaining rookies Chelsea Taylor and Ella Mae Powers in a triple threat match before the first elimination would be presented. Michelle Hullender would once again win this match improving her win streak. After this match Ella Mae Powers would be eliminated. And then Michelle would face off in one more match before the winner would be announced against Chelsea Taylor. Michelle would pick up the victory and move on to win NXT season Three. She opted to move to the RAW Brand.


Her first sighting wouldn't be on RAW it would actually be the Sunday after she won NXT at Cyber Sunday. She would interject herself at the end of the career vs. career match between Refguee Matt and Richard Dweck. High Flying Havoc would jump Matt after he picked up the victory and Michelle would come in for the timely save. richard would be booted out of the WWE in the most embarassing way when Michelle would hit her signature Swanton Bomb off a ladder and through a table outside the ring. That night she would also pick up Eve Torres as her manager begging the question. With a diva like Eve at her side will anyone be able to stop Michelle in the near future or at all for that matter?

It was clear that Michelle would start strong in her career. And she proved that in her RAW debut by defeating Carmen Rose-Hale albeit by count out. A victory is still a victory nonetheless. This count out victory bothered Michelle very much. So much that the next week she wanting to be involved in the Survivor Series Pay Per View issued a challenge to the former women's champion Trishelle Jordan. The challenge of course being for a no count out no disqualification match. Trishelle assured Michelle that the stipulation wasn't needed as she wouldn't run. But Trishelle accepted it anyway. That same week Michelle would pick up a submission victory over Madison Lea. Michelle faced Trishelle Jordan at the Survivor Series Pay Per View and it was her toughest test to date. Trishelle however would fall to the young diva giving Michelle her biggest win in her career to date.

The following night Michelle would have a back stage encounter with the woman who had been giving her a hard time ever sense NXT Ashley Massaro. She would get in a heated debate with Ashley and actually talk so down to her that she would earn her respect. That night Michelle would also defeat Angelina Love and the daughter of the legendary Undertaker, Alicia Calloway. The next week her double match streak would conntinue when she would face both Skyla Ryan and Peachez who she would defeat. That same week she would also have a backstage encounter that would lead to a brawl between Michelle, Mathius Stoker, Slade Mathens, and Veronica Diaz. General Manager, Neal Cole and security would arrive on the scene of the brawl. And Neal Cole would rule that if anyone layed their hands on one another then their matches wouldn't happen. And to ensure clean title shots and no interference he made it a tag team match. Slade would have to pin Mathius and Michelle would have to pin Veronica. Or the other way around for the match to end. The following week on RAW there would be a contract signing between the two teams where Mathius would lose his cool for seemingly no reason and then would viscously assault the RAW General Manager. That Sunday at Armageddon Veronica would fall at the hands of Michelle Hullender not only getting her undefeated streak snapped. But finally losing her Women's Championship. Alongside Eve, Michelle would deliver injuries to both Veronica and Slade and they would be aggrivated or rather added too by Mathius. Both people Slade said would end up like Eve.

Michelle then accepted a challenge from Jenny Tuck to face her former NXT confidant at the Royal Rumble in a womens title match. Michelle accepted but her next match would be her first defeat when she would look to complete the Slade, Andy destruction. She would fail and lose too Andy Brookes. The two gained a measure of respect for one another after that and began to try and put their differences aside so they may help Eve return too the ring. But Michelle had to get back to buisness after that as she would face Jenny next at the Royal Rumble. After a viscous neck breaker to Jenny's hurt neck Michelle would pick up the victory and retain her championship.

Head Of Diva TalentsEdit

Michelle's first match as head of diva talents was against Sara Brooks. It would be her second title defense since she won the title and her second successful one. Her first official week as Diva Talent and X-Division leader started with a bang as on RAW she set herself up with a women's title defense just after the PPV against the legendary Trish Stratus. Not only that but she would also debut on SmackDown and face off in her first teaming with Nero against Primal and JKB Kid the reigning X-Division Champion. Michelle would upset Trish Stratus in a big way but her luck wouldn't repeat on Smackdown as her and Nero would lose as Nero was pinned by the X-Champion JKB Kid. After the match Kid and Michelle shook hands. The following week Michelle made her first diva signing in Beulah Mcguillicuty. She would not have a match that week but she did mix words with Primal the number one contender to Kid at Mania. Primal said he wasn't afraid to knock her down and that he was the reason the division was going to reach new heights. Michelle put him in his place however telling him to get in his place or he would lose his title shot at 'Mania. Michelle's next match would be on RAW against TJ the Samoan a match in which she would win defeating her second male wrestler in her career. The following week she would compete on both RAW and SmackDown respectively. On RAW she would team with her Wrestlemania opponent Sugar Sweetwhip and face off against the team of Trish Stratus and Winter. And the team would win when Michelle made Winter submit. Michelle would then pick up the win on SmackDown over veteran compeititor Chavo Guerrero defeating her third male in the WWE. Michelle's next appearance was at WrestleMania 25 on April 5th 2009. where she would face off against Sugar Sweetwhip with the title on the line. With her father's spirit watching down she was able to defeat Sugar. Also that night she tried to get Ashley to come back to the WWE and recieved a slap to the face for her troubles in the end.

The next night she challenged Ashley to a match at Saturday Night's Main Event with her title on the line which Ashley finally accepted. The two would face off at Saturday Night's Main Event and Ashley would be forced to submit to Michelle Hullender. After the match Michelle was attacked by the team of Laurelle (Trishelle Jordan and Lauren Davis), Her number one contender Lauren Davis ended the attack with a title shot to the face. The week after Lauren and Michelle would confront one another and would end up turning their title match into a Last Woman Standing Match. The two ladies would meet countless times leading up to the event and on the night of the event and when the talking was all done Michelle made it out as the victor with yet another title defense. But a short time after that Lauren and Michelle would meet backstage on RAW and have a very verbal enocunter that would lead to Michelle assaulting her and putting her in the ankle lock. That same week Michelle would get in a backstage encounter with Primal. This encounter would lead to a number one contenders fatal five way match being set up two weeks before Judgment Day. But in the same encounter Primal would challenge Michelle to a match where he would put his X-Division Championship on the line against her. But before that on RAW Lauren would get in Michelle's head and kidnap and deliver a punt to the head of Rebecca before eventually hitting her. This would lead to the Judgement Day match being a handicap match for the Womens title. That friday Michelle had her match against Primal. This match would be an I Quit match in which Michelle would win and capture her second title. Right after that match though Michelle was arrested on charges of assault by Lauren Davis. Michelle would remain in jail until the sunday of the PPV which prevented her from defending her title against the #1 Contender Selena Willison. She wouldn't let the match be cancelled even with her gone so her sister Rebecca Hullender faught in her place to no avail. Rebecca would lose her sisters title just a week after she won it. The Monday before the PPV Talia Madison would be announced as the special referee for the Handicap title match. Talia just also happens to be the best friend of the challenger Lauren Davis. But the Sunday of the match, at Judgment Day, Rebecca came out to face Lauren and Michelle didn't make it. At least not at first. Because Michelle was just hours away and had been bailed out shortly before the PPV. She arrived on scene and was able to help her sister defeat Lauren and defend her title.

The night after on the May 18th edition of RAW Michelle tried to make a match between her and Lauren which was designed to be the final encounter Michelle Vs. Lauren III Hell in a Cell at Extreme Rules. But Lauren refused to compete claiming the Head of Diva Talents had no power. This would lead to Michelle suspending Lauren from competition. Lauren would try to get back at Michelle by destroying her office. She destroyed everything and even burned it. And this landed her in a handicap match with Michelle and the new number one contender to her title (last minute change match was originally non title) Erin Mason. Michelle and Erin would lose the match when Erin struck Michelle with a chair. Lauren got the victory but soon after was attacked by her sister Britney Davis and her sister's friend Taryn Robinson. They ended up injuring Lauren severly putting her on the shelf indfefinetly. That Sunday at Extreme Rules, Michelle would have an eventful night. She came in contact with Britney and Abilene Keith she would get into a scruff with them that would lead to a sledgehammer getting slammed on her ankle hard. But even with that she would go on to defeat Erin Mason adding another name to her list. She would have a short lived victory as a returning Veronica Diaz literally dropped her on her head.

The next night on RAW it was announced that she would get her rematch against Michelle at the next PPV The Great American Bash. Over the next few weeks Michelle would look over her shoulder worried Veronica would try to get the jump on her before The Bash. But that didn't happen but in the last two RAWs before the PPV Michelle would pick up victories over Zilla and Beth one week in a singles match over Zilla and the next week over Beth in a tag match with Mickie James as her partner. Veronica and Michelle would face at The Bash and Veronica would avenge her loss and broken neck as she reclaimed the title ending Michelle's reign. Something not many people saw coming.

Michelle would make sparatic appearances after that. But none more sufficent then when Slade would call Michelle out in an attempt to finally bring an end to their feud leading to Michelle issuing a challenge for a street fight. This match would be set where Eve was first taken out of action at Summerslam. A few weeks later Michelle would be involved in a contract signing with Slade where then General Manager, Genesis would drop the bomb that Eve would be the referee for the match at SummerSlam. At the signing Michelle would Moonsault Slade through the table in Eve's honor. But she wouldn't be able to pull through losing to Slade for her second PPV straight at SummerSlam.

She however picked up a win snapping that losing streak against Ambien. She issued a challenge for the Unified Tag Team Titles with Eve as her partner. But one half of the champions, Andy Brookes said she had to prove her worth first. The next week before Unforgiven her and Eve were scheduled in a tag team match against Un-Americans stable mates Lance Storm and Muhammad Hassan. Also announced was Michelle as the fifth and final World Heavyweight Championship chase participant. Michelle put up a phenomenal effort but came up short in her attempt for the World Heavyweight Championship at Unforgiven.

The next week she asked for her Summerslam rematch against Slade Mathens. And she requested an "I Quit Match" her specialty match. But it was decided that the match would be for the Intercontinental Championship. Michelle took the shot but wasn't happy about being granted it. She won the match and picked up her first Intercontinetnal Championship and injured Slade in the process getting the pay back she promised Eve. After the match an added beat down would injure him further. Michelle isn't one for repeating history but making history. And the time came for her and Eve's Unified Tag Team Championship match the Smackdown before No Mercy. In that match Eve and Michelle would be victorious after Eve got the submission over Rejinaldo. This would finally make Ashley and Eve's failed feat from over a year ago at WrestleMania a reality. An all woman team holding the Tag Team Gold for the first time.

Xtreme Wrestling Association (2008 - 2009)Edit

In addition to competing for the WWE in October of the same year Michelle signed a contract with XWA. Michelle had her first match with the promotion which was a Halloween themed battle royal. She dressed as Freddy Kreuger and she would lose the battle royal. Her next match would be a triple threat bra and panties tables match against Ashley Sky and Kayleena Parks. Michelle didn't have a long contract with the company and when it ended. She opted not to reknew it.

National Wrestling Alliance (2008 - Present)Edit

Around the time that Michelle was with WWE for NXT she was offered a deal with NWA which would be for part time appearances. She would be involved with a rather tight schedule with WWE so she wouldn't have a lot of chances to show for the NWA. Michelle would enter a three match feud with Awesome Kong off from their Shimmer encounter. Michelle would only come out on top of these matches once of the three times. But the last time was the time she won essientially putting an end to the feud. As well as coming out on top in the feud. Michelle would clash with the then Women's Champion in the NWA Christie Ricci. She would pick up a victory and was offered a women's title match at the following live PPV event.

Other MediaEdit

Personal LifeEdit

Michelle Hullender was born in San Fransisco, California. At the age of fourteen she started traiing to become a pro wrestler with her parents consent. Her influences to get into the buissiness were; And she made her pro debut at the age of sixteen. Michelle has one sister who is also training to be a pro wrestler, Rebecca Hullender. She is not at a level where she can make decent money and works as a teacher too support her passion. Her best friend is Tanya Hampton the two grew up and broke into wrestling together. Tanya was fired alongside Michelle and when WWE picked up Michelle for NXT they opted not to resign Tanya to the WWE.

In June of 2009 shortly after the Great American Bash. Michelle began a relationship with the recently divoced Refugee Tim. Tim showed interest in Michelle due to her physical presence and her drive and heart for the business. But after sometime Michelle came out to state that the two had seperated. Not siting a particular reason.

In WrestlingEdit

  • Finishing moves
    • Swanton Bomb
    • Pele Kick - Sets up for Swanton Bomb
    • Youngblood Neck Breaker
  • Signature moves
    • Three Amigos
    • Repetitive German Suplex
    • Sharpshooter
    • Boston Crab
    • Spear
    • Frogsplash
    • Fujiwara Armbar
    • Spinning Roundhouse Kick
    • Snap Suplex
    • Hurricanrana
  • Wrestlers Managed
  • Managed By
  • Theme Music
    • "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes (Indy Circuit)
    • "Addicted" by P.O.D
    • "Still Unbroken" by Lynyrd Skynyrd
    • "Fighter" by Christina Aguilera

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit

World Wrestling Entertainment

Florida Championship Wrestling

  • Queen of FCW (1 time)

Shimmer Womens Athletes

NWA Midwest

  • NWA Midwest Women's Championship (1 Time)