The World Heavyweight Championship is a professional wrestling world heavyweight championship in WWE for Extreme (WWEFE). It is one of the world titles of the RAW brand, complementing the WWE Championship. It was established by WWE in 2002 after WWE bought out World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), and split its roster into two franchises, RAW and SmackDown!, in a brand extension. WWE's original world title, the WWE Championship (then known as the Undisputed Championship), was designated to the SmackDown! brand, which resulted in this World Heavyweight Championship being established and designated to the Raw brand. As affirmed by WWE, the World Heavyweight Championship is not a continuation of the WCW or NWA World Heavyweight Championship, but rather a successor to both titles after indirectly having spun off from the WCW Championship, by way of the WWE Undisputed Championship, just as the WCW Championship spun off from and succeeded the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. For a list of champions who have held those titles, see List of WCW World Heavyweight Champions and List of NWA World Heavyweight Champions, respectively.

The championship is generally contested in professional wrestling matches, in which participants usually execute scripted finishes rather than contend in direct competition. The inaugural champion was Triple H, who was awarded the title in September 2002 by Eric Bischoff, then General Manager of RAW. At 282 days, Batista's first reign is the longest in the title's history. Rey Mysterios's reign is the shortest reign at about 2 minutes. Ashley Massaro is the current champion, currently in her first reign. Overall, there have been 24 reigns with Triple H holding the most reigns at five.

Title historyEdit

# Order of reigns in history.
Reign The reign number for the specific set of wrestlers listed.
Event The event promoted by the respective promotion in which the titles were won
Used for vacated reigns in order to not count it as an official reign
+ Indicates the current reign is changing daily.


# Wrestlers Reign Date Days
Location Event Notes
1 H, TripleTriple H 1 02002-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr September 2, 2002 &000000000000007600000076 Milwaukee, WI RAW Triple H was awarded the championship by the on-screen General Manager Eric Bischoff, making him the inaugural champion in the process. Triple H defeated WWE Intercontinental Champion Kane on October 20, 2002 at No Mercy to unify the Intercontinental Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship.
2 Michaels, ShawnShawn Michaels 1 02002-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr November 17, 2002 &000000000000002800000028 New York, NY Survivor Series This was the first ever Elimination Chamber match also involving Chris Jericho, Booker T, Rob Van Dam, and Kane.
3 H, TripleTriple H 2 02002-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr December 15, 2002 &0000000000000280000000280 Sunrise, FL Armageddon This was a Three Stages of Hell match.
4 Goldberg 1 02003-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr September 21, 2003 &000000000000008400000084 Hershey, PA Unforgiven This was a Career vs. Title match.
5 H, TripleTriple H 3 02003-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr December 14, 2003 &000000000000009100000091 Orlando, FL Armageddon This was a Triple Threat match also involving Kane.
6 Benoit, ChrisChris Benoit 1 02004-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr March 14, 2004 &0000000000000154000000154 New York, NY WrestleMania XX This was a Triple Threat match also involving Shawn Michaels. Benoit was the first Canadian-born to win the title.
7 Orton, RandyRandy Orton 1 02004-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr August 15, 2004 &000000000000002800000028 Toronto, ON SummerSlam Became the youngest world champion in the history of the WWEFE.
8 H, TripleTriple H 4 02004-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr September 12, 2004 &000000000000008500000085 Portland, OR Unforgiven
Vacated 02004-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr December 6, 2004 Charlotte, NC RAW The championship was vacated after a double fall occurred in a Triple Threat match involving Triple H, Edge and Chris Benoit.
9 H, TripleTriple H 5 02005-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr January 9, 2005 &000000000000008400000084 San Juan, PR New Year's Revolution Triple H defeated Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Batista, and Edge in an Elimination Chamber match with Shawn Michaels as Special Guest Referee to win the vacant championship.
10 Batista 1 02005-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr April 3, 2005 &0000000000000282000000282 Los Angeles, CA WrestleMania 21 Batista was drafted to the SmackDown! brand as the final pick in June 30, 2005, making the title SmackDown! exclusive.
Vacated 02006-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr January 10, 2006 Philadelphia, PA SmackDown! Batista vacated the title after he was sidelined with a legitimate triceps injury. This episode aired on tape delay on January 13, 2006.
11 Angle, KurtKurt Angle 1 02006-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr January 10, 2006 &000000000000008200000082 Philadelphia, PA SmackDown! Angle won the vacant championship in a 20 man battle royal last eliminating Mark Henry. This episode aired on tape delay on January 13, 2006
12 Mysterio, ReyRey Mysterio 1 02006-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr April 2, 2006 &00000000000000000000000 Rosemont, IL WrestleMania 22 This was a Triple Threat match also involving Randy Orton. Mysterio was the first Hispanic to hold the championship.
Vacated 02006-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr January 10, 2006 Rosemont, IL WrestleMania 22 Vince McMahon vacated all the championships that night, announcing the start of the For Extreme Era.
13 Vonhamel, John PaulJohn Paul Vonhamel 1 02006-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr April 7, 2006 &0000000000000105000000105 Indianapolis, IN SmackDown!
Vacated 02006-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr July 21, 2006 Philadelphia, PA SmackDown! Randy Savage stripped JPV of the title, citing his thirty day no-compete clause.
14 Scorpion 1 02006-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr July 30, 2006 &0000000000000120000000120 Indianapolis, IN The Great American Bash Scorpion defeated John Cena, Eddie Guerrero, Scarab, Dana Shadows, and Hulk Hogan in an Elimination Chamber match. Also, Scorpion was drafted to the RAW brand in September 30, 2006, making the title RAW exclusive.
15 UnlimitedExtreme 1 02006-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr November 27, 2006 &000000000000004100000041 Detroit, MI RAW
16 Scorpion 2 02007-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr January 7, 2007 &00000000000000010000001 Albany, NY New Year's Revolution This was a Triple Threat match that also involved Reaper.
17 UnlimitedExtreme 2 02007-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr January 8, 2007 &000000000000005600000056 Laredo, TX RAW
18 Scorpion 3 02007-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr March 5, 2007 &0000000000000174000000174 Memphis, TN RAW
19 Tim, RefugeeRefugee Tim 1 02007-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr August 26, 2007 &000000000000002100000021 East Rutherford, NJ SummerSlam
20 Edge 1 02007-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr September 16, 2007 &000000000000009800000098 Memphis, TN Unforgiven This was a Championship Scramble match that also included The Manhunter, Chris Hunter and Ashley Massaro.
21 Misery 1 02007-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr December 23, 2007 &000000000000005600000056 Pittsburgh, PA Armageddon Misery was the first woman to hold the championship.
22 Mathens, SladeSlade Mathens 1 02008-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr February 17, 2008 &000000000000004200000042 Las Vegas, NV Lockdown: No Way Out Mathens defeated Misery, John Cena, Randy Orton, Refugee Matt, and Beth Phoenix in an Elimination Chamber match.
23 Stoker, DaciaDacia Stoker 1 02008-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr September 7, 2008 &000000000000002800000028 Orlando, FL WrestleMania XXIV Dacia Stoker had earned this match by winning the Royal Rumble.
24 Massaro, AshleyAshley Massaro 1 02008-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr April 27, 2008 &000000000000008400000084 Baltimore, MD Backlash
25 Mathens, SladeSlade Mathens 2 02008-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr July 20, 2008 &000000000000004900000049 Uniondale, NY The Bash
26 Brookes, AndyAndy Brookes 1 02008-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr September 7, 2008 &000000000000007700000077 Uniondale, NY Unforgiven This was a Championship Scramble match that also involved Jasper Merrick, Justin Credible and Kofi Kingston.
27 Rejinaldo 1 02008-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr November 23, 2008 &00000000000000010000001 Boston, MA Survivor Series
28 Brookes, AndyAndy Brookes 2 02008-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr November 24, 2008 &000000000000002000000020 Toronto, ON RAW
29 Stoker, DaciaDacia Stoker 2 02008-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr December 14, 2008 &000000000000006300000063 Buffalo, NY Armageddon
30 Saint 1 02009-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr February 15, 2009 &000000000000004900000049 Seattle, WA Lockdown: No Way Out This was an Elimination Chamber match that also included Refugee Mike, Evan Bourne, Justin Credible and Sheamus.
31 Brookes, AndyAndy Brookes 3 02009-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr April 5, 2009 &000000000000002100000021 Houston, TX WrestleMania 25
32 Saint 2 02009-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr April 26, 2009 &000000000000002100000021 Providence, RI Backlash
33 Sold1er 1 02009-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr May 17, 2009 &000000000000002100000021 Rosemont, IL Judgment Day
34 Merrick, JasperJasper Merrick 1 02009-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr June 7, 2009 &00000000000000010000001 New Orleans, LA Extreme Rules This was an Interpromotional Extreme Rules Battle Royal that also included Christopher Luck, Damien Holster, Arn Anderson, Ted DiBiase, Jr., Umaga, Ric Flair, Cute Kip, iRob, Lil' Sold1er, Andy Brookes, Scorpion, Michelle Hullender, Natsukashi, Mike Maverick, Derian North and Refugee Matt.
Vacated 02009-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr June 8, 2009 Miami, FL RAW Genesis stripped Merrick of the title as he was not part of the Raw brand and wouldn't jump ship from SmackDown!.
35 Holster, DamienDamien Holster 1 02009-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr June 28, 2009 &000000000000005600000056 Sacramento, CA The Bash Holster defeated Saint for the vacant championship.
36 Punk, CMCM Punk 1 02009-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr August 23, 2009 &000000000000002100000021 Los Angeles, CA SummerSlam
37 McIntyre, DrewDrew McIntyre 1 02009-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr September 13, 2009 &000000000000007000000070 Montreal, QC Unforgiven
38 Angle, KurtKurt Angle 2 02009-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr November 22, 2009 &000000000000002100000021 Washington, D.C. Survivor Series
39 Storm, LanceLance Storm 1 02009-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr December 13, 2009 &000000000000007000000070 San Antonio, TX Armageddon
40 Hassan, MuhammadMuhammad Hassan 1 02009-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr February 21, 2009 &00000000000032890000003,289+ St. Louis, MO Lockdown: No Way Out This was a steel cage match. Hassan earned the title shot through the Lockdown Series.
  • Current Champion's number of days held is inaccurate, due to differences in dates between the For Extreme universe and the real one.

List of combined reignsEdit

Wrestler # of
1 H, TripleTriple H 5 616
2 Scorpion 3 295
3 Batista 1 282
4 Benoit, ChrisChris Benoit 1 154
5 Brookes, AndyAndy Brookes 3 118
6 Vonhamel, John PaulJohn Paul Vonhamel 1 105
7 Angle, KurtKurt Angle 2 103
8 Edge 1 98
9 UnlimitedExtreme 2 97
10 Mathens, SladeSlade Mathens 2 91
10 Stoker, DaciaDacia Stoker 2 91
11 Goldberg 1 84
11 Massaro, AshleyAshley Massaro 1 84
12 McIntyre, DrewDrew McIntyre 1 70
13 Saint 2 70
13 Storm, LanceLance Storm 1 70
14 Misery 1 56
14 Holster, DamienDamien Holster 1 56
15 Orton, RandyRandy Orton 1 28
15 Michaels, ShawnShawn Michaels 1 28
16 Tim, RefugeeRefugee Tim 1 21
16 Sold1er 1 21
16 Punk, CMCM Punk 1 21
17 Rejinaldo 1 1
17 Merrick, JasperJasper Merrick 1 1
18 Mysterio, ReyRey Mysterio 1 0