High Profile Wrestling
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Acronym HPW
Industry Professional Wrestling
Sports Entertainment
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia
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Brands Unleashed
Show(s) RAW
CEO Shane Divine
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Established October 23, 2006
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Founder(s) Shane Divine
Key people Shane Divine
(Chairman & CEO)
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High Profile Wrestling (HPW) was an Atlanta based federation run by Shane Divine in the latter months of 2006. Due to a working relationship with WWE owner Vince McMahon, HPW shared a similar talent pool to the WWE, and many of its top stars now wrestle in the WWE.


Founded by Shane Divine, who also wrestled as a superstar without acknowledging his role in the company on-air. It was Divine's own inability to maintain a budget that lead to HPW's inevitable downfall.


High Profile Wrestling was active for about two months, hosting two weekly shows and monthly Pay-Per-Views.

HPW ChampionshipsEdit

HPW Television BroadcastsEdit

Monday Night UnleashedEdit

Monday Night Unleashed was HPW's flagship show. The first airing was November 6th, 2006.

Wednesday Night UPR|SEEdit

Wednesday Night UPR|SE was HPW's second show, featuring a more "extreme" take on wrestling. All matches held on UPR|SE were contested without count-outs or disqualifications, allowing the UPR|SE "extremists" to utilise any weapons they could find to beat their opponent into submission.

HPW Pay-Per-View EventsEdit

High Profile Wrestling hosted monthly PPV events, which were as follows.

Month Event Brand
January Genesis Both
February Vendetta Unleashed
March Living Dangerously UPR|SE
April Invasion Unleashed
May Over The Edge UPR|SE
June Best Served Cold Unleashed
July Anarchy UPR|SE
August Roll the Dice Unleashed
September Unbreakable UPR|SE
October Wrestlepalooza Both
November November to Remember Unleashed
December InsureXtion UPR|SE

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